Meet a Software Engineer

Meet a Software Engineer

University: Maynooth University

Subject of Study: BSc. Computer Science and Software Engineering

What sparked your interest in joining a company like SIG?

I had a friend at university who interned at SIG. I was considering switching from the General Science track to Computer Science, and the way he described his experience at SIG convinced me to make the change. As a second year, I participated in an intercollegiate programming competition with that same intern. I could see his programming strength, which he attributed to his time to SIG. I was eager for an opportunity to improve those skills in myself so when it came time for my own internship, I applied to SIG first and was delighted to accept my offer.

How have the educational and on the job training opportunities you've had influenced your growth as a developer?

As an intern, I was given actionable projects that provided me with a foundation for how exchanges worked and what the full scope of the software development life cycle (SDLC) was like. I had the opportunity to build new tools for traders which are still being used today. Joining full-time, I did some stress testing to get familiar with our application and then built my first plug-in for it, which later grew to ownership of a collection of plug-ins for our core trading system. More recently, I began interviewing incoming interns, while also serving as a mentor for an intern on our team. Working with our intern as a mentor was really fulfilling and showcased to me how much I've grown since my own internship.

What have been some of the cooler projects you've had a chance to work on at SIG?

I worked on a strategy plug-in that was a larger tool used for several stock exchanges. My job was to tailor each piece to the exchange at which it would be used. Our goal was always to be able to introduce this customisation but how I chose to do it was all up to me. Making such significant changes and watching them interacting with the market was a little nerve-wracking at first but it was pretty empowering that I was trusted to do this.

What do you enjoy most about working at SIG?

The people. I'm very grateful to be part of a team of highly intelligent and experienced engineers who are always happy to take time to help me improve. When I joined, I was given real work right away; no one viewed me as "just" a new grad. When traders are using my tools, they'll let me know not just what doesn't go well, but also what does. I know that in other companies you can sometimes spend a lot of time convincing others of what insights data and technology can provide but at SIG, we don't. We all recognise the value of technology and of exploring new ways to do things.

Have you had opportunities to introduce and implement new tech/process improvements in your time at SIG?

When I started, my team held weekly knowledge sharing sessions where we'd get updates on systems and how different features and functions worked, for example. However, this information was mainly shared through discussions on the desk. I thought it would be beneficial to centralise this information so that anyone on our team could access it at any time. I spoke to my lead and set up a library for it that's now in use across our team. Everyone was open to it when I proposed this idea and it's been really cool to see it gain traction and grow.